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Ideas that excite. Marketing that connects.

We’re a team of digital, branding, design and advertising specialists.

We combine the very best of digital marketing with the tried and trusted processes of creating great communication ideas – ideas that make your marketing more impactful, more effective and more profitable.

We develop the right strategies and tactics for every type of business - helping small companies find their feet and enabling big businesses to expand. And we’ve made a name for ourselves by always going that famous extra mile.

Some of us have been working in creative media for many, many years. And some of us are children of the digital revolution, loaded with the fresh approaches that will help your business communicate better.

For all of us, though, our goal is to help you develop great relationships with your customers so that you can successfully build your brand and boost your business.


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Meet the team

  • Michael Stewart

    Account Director

  • Ross Parker

    Design Director

  • Ray Lawlor

    Digital Director

  • Brian O'Fril

    Creative Director/Copywriter

  • Joanne Brown

    Finance Director

  • Karen Reid


  • Niall Nugent


  • Mark Heaney


  • David McNeill

    Front-End Developer

  • Amy Baxter

    Web Designer

  • Markus Pagels


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  • #belfast city hall lit up in the colours of #Kbrt in memory of Kevin Bell. Also, Belfast City Hall never looses it beauty ... no matter how familiar we are.

  • A brilliant crowd too. #kbrt

  • Awaiting dinner at this very worthy charity doo! #kbrt

  • Another lovely trip to the @chester_beatty_dublin (@chesterbeattyconservation) and another tasty cup of coffee from Silk Road cafe. Pity we're here on business...! 😊

  • Winter shadows can bring street art to life. One love. #belfast #streetart

  • Fancy teapots are fancy. #dublin🍀

  • Business trip to #Dublin going really well. About "let's stay for a second pint" well.

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