Ross sails into the sunset

While the rest of us were getting seriously depressed about the amount of rain falling in Ireland, our international sportsman was off sunning his buns in cheerful Corsica. Yes, Ross was again showing us that the term armchair sportsman is just not in his vocabulary - as he keeps telling us.

Competing in the European Mine's-a-Pinot-Grigio Cup (or something equally daft), Ross defeated some once-proud seafaring nations, including the Finns and Swedes as you can see from the pic below. (Actually, you'd think those Viking-ish countries would be pretty scundered - being beaten by a wee chunker from Ballyholme).

Anyway, while this post has a tinge of sarcasm about it, it really is born of jealousy - pure and simple. Well done, wee man. Now go and buy a looser wetsuit with your winnings.