Recaptcha blues...

Isn't ReCaptcha the most annoying thing on the web? I'm glad you agree! For those reading who don't know what ReCaptcha is, it's those little "Enter this text to prove you're human" boxes:

recaptcha distorted text

They truly are awful! And they knock user experience right on the head. I don't know a single web user who doesn't hate having to fill these in. 

A better way?

In December 2014, Google released NoCaptcha (or ReCaptcha Version 2) which aimed to greatly improve user experience and continue to protect websites from harmful spambots. It does this by replacing the funny, distorted words with a simple checkbox click:



Much easier right?

Well yes... that's why we at Elm House implemented it, not only on our own site (try to comment below), but across all our clients sites.

So what's the problem?

Well the problem is Google. Google are so disjointed that one arm doesn't know what the other arm is doing. On one hand their search team is pushing web developers (quite aggressively) to make all their sites responsive and mobile friendly - there's nothing wrong with that - Elm House have been doing responsive websites since before it was fashionable...

On the other hand they supply us with an excellent Captcha solution THAT ISN'T RESPONSIVE! 

Here's a screenshot from my iPhone 5:

 recaptcha iphone


So suddenly the responsive layouts on the website are no longer Google friendly - because of a Google service!

I'll leave you to consider the irony in that while I go back to my seething. I need coffee...