You wait ages for one good programme about advertising - then loads come all at once

No, it's not Ross and Michael nipping out for a fag. It's a scene from Mad Men, one of the several advertising programmes that BBC4 have lined up. So nip out and get a copy of the Radio times pronto and also check out:

Timeshift – The Rise And Fall Of The Ad Man, Peter York looks at the changing fortunes of British advertising with the story of the personalities who led it through its highs and lows

Selling The Sixties is a mesmerising blend of archive and contemporary footage exploring the post-War American golden age, when it seemed as if happiness could be bought and sold.

David Ogilvy – The First Mad Man is the story of advertising through a man whose extremes and eccentricities are revealed by interviews with those who knew him and worked with him on his most famous campaigns.

See more about Mad Men here: