ABCO knew they were always capable of matching the big players in their industry in terms of the skills they brought to each project. But what was letting them down was the perception the company conveyed through its brand look, its marketing materials and its website.

That’s not uncommon, of course. But ABCO were quick to realise that they could be much more successful simply by whipping their brand into shape.

Our work with them actually began by re-writing all their marketing materials. Yes, they were experts at what they did, but they weren’t quite expert at getting the right words and tone of voice to successfully sell their skills.

Once we had rewritten their materials – and summed up their approach in short succinct copy that carried across all their marketing output – we then tackled the look, giving them a dramatic black and white style of photography that stood out superbly well alongside their traditional red.

We then helped them develop an impressive range of materials for tenders – these put them on an equal, if not superior, level of presentation than most of the very top players in this marketplace.

Responsive Website

ABCO is the fastest growing Marine Engineering company in Ireland. Why? Because they do things differently. This suits us at Elm House Creative because we weren’t interested in building a standard corporate website that engineering firms typically go for. ABCO was open to our ideas and passionate about delivering something new.

This allowed us to bring our ideas to the site. Things like logo animation, the full screen search, inspired by SaaS services like MailChimp, and full screen maps. Again, this site is built on open source CMS systems that allow ABCO staff to manage the content through our custom-built CMS dashboard.