BlueBuild Energy is a locally based renewable energy and insulation specialist who approached us to develop a name, brand and identity for the company.

Part of the challenge was to communicate the benefits of their often complicated high-tech products to potential customers in a tone and style that was easily understood.

BlueBuild have a wealth of renewable energy solutions that range from insulation, solar panels and heat pumps to chimney balloons.

We wanted to portray a dynamic feeling in their corporate brand, which gives a sense of harnessing the energy of renewable sources. We developed the logo of the undulating circle, full of movement and energy.

To speak directly to customers, in layman’s terms we created a range of graphics that gave a simple yet engaging at-a-glance overview of the product benefits and also injected a bit of fun into the brand.

Along with the logo and branding we developed a graphic style to speak directly to customers and get across the main benefits of renewable energy. This was applied to the website, showroom windows, brochures and direct mail.

We like to keep it green here at Elm House Creative!


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