As befits their new name, Cancer Focus asked us to come up with a series of communications designed to connect in a contemporary visual style.

First up was a "Guide To Looking Your Best", a booklet for patients that helps them manage the appearance-related effects of cancer treatment. It's full of great tips and practical information to help patients look and feel better about themselves.

The brief here was to help patient's self-esteem, so we wanted to make the booklet attractive and approachable, not clinical in any way. With this in mind, we collaged images together to create a mood in keeping with the overall tone of the booklet. We were very pleased with the results and the booklet was very well received.

A Guide to Looking Your Best

The unique ‘Well Being Cookbook’ is packed with need-to-know tips to help cancer patients with their recovery and to help them stay well in the future. There are sections on fighting fatigue, simple comfort foods, calorie boosters and sweet things to tempt your appetite when you’re feeling low.

There’s also a special section on breathing and relaxation techniques to help calm the mind and de-stress the body.

Cancer Focus Cook Book