The team at Hilden felt that their existing branding had become tired and dated. Our job was to bring the brand back to life. We did this by giving the brand a contemporary tone whilst taking inspiration from the stories and sense of place that surround Hilden.

The key to this approach was to delve back into the past and understand the origins of Hilden, its wealth of history and its truly unique heritage. We also wanted to draw out the rather quirky and eccentric character elements hidden in this history.

And of course, here at Elm House we are ever the consummate professionals, so in order to understand our new client and to familiarise ourselves with their product, there was lots of much-needed sampling. Like they say, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

This is the kind of creative project we dream about and it was great to see the end product – a strong brand, an engaging story and beautiful artwork.

Nice beer, too.

The Tap Room