Our top 5 Chrome extensions and tools

Posted on: Sunday, 06 September 2015 in Beer etc .

Our top 5 Chrome extensions and tools

Here at The House we're quite the Google aficionados... not only do we use Google Apps for Work (what you don't?) but our Digital guys are a wizz with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics.

Above all, we're massive fans of Google's awesome web browser Chrome. From regular invisible updates to the multitude of extensions, it's the best thing to happen to the web since... well ever really!

So with that we've put together our top 5 Google Chrome extensions and add-ons that make things tick around here:

1. Wappalyzer

Ever wondered what tech is running on your favourite websites? Install Wappalyzer and when you load any webpage, it will list the CMS, the JavaScript, and the server environment (among other things) that's being used. Handy when you find cool things on Pinterest! 


2. Pin it

Speaking of Pinterest. We still can't believe it's free... honestly we love it so much we'd gladly pay a hefty subscription if they asked us! It's a wonderful discovery tool and an easy way to pull together a quick mood board. We'll definitely be doing a Pinterest blog soon. 

Pin it is a nice little Google Chrome plugin that will gather up all the images on the current webpage and allow you to pin them to any of your Pinterest boards. It makes pinning great design really simple.


3. Discoverly

This great extension is a must if you work with lots of clients and need to keep abreast of their goings on. Discoverly connects all the social networks together wherever you are. So on Gmail, you get to see your contacts' social profile, mutual contacts and recent tweets. On Facebook, you see their work info from LinkedIn and mutual connections. On LinkedIn, you'll see mutual Facebook friends and recent tweets. Handy when going into a meeting... "I liked your tweet about..." etc.


4. Better Search

This extension should be called "Better Research" because here at The House we use it to organise the research we do for each project. Search on Google, save the useful stuff you uncover, organise them by tags (we love tags!), share them, annotate them and even preview pages without clicking.

It's everything Google Search, or rather Google research, should be.


5. Lorem Ipsum Generator.

We all need it, we all use it. Designers live by it and have done forever. Lorem Ipsum text is that Latin text that we all use to fill space while designing. But when wire-framing or building sample blogs, Lorem Ipsum text can be a pain get get your hands on. Do a Google search, visit a site, copy and paste, edit to fit the space. Pain.

Much easier to use this little plugin. It works right on the page and you can choose the number of paragraphs needed and how many sentences each paragraph should have. Really useful.


So there's our top 5 and we didn't even get to talk about Code Anywhere, Google Calendar or any of great plugins for Google Docs... ah well, another blog maybe.

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