Not another Wordpress SEO versus Joomla SEO blog

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Not another Wordpress SEO versus Joomla SEO blog

It's the age old debate among us Open Source CMS aficionados... what CMS is better for SEO, Wordpress or Joomla?

I had a friend ask me about it after someone had told him that his Joomla site was "terrible for SEO"... 

Let's get one thing straight right away, SEO and your choice of CMS are not connected. Your sites SEO performance has nothing to do with the CMS you use. 

I've heard utter nonsense like, "yeah but, Wordpress' HTML output is cleaner"... anyone who says that obviously knows nothing about how code is output via a CMS. The HTML code of a CMS website depends on the template you use, not the CMS itself. 

It must be remembered that CMS stands for Content Management System. Content management systems allow you to manage your content. SEO on the other hand, essentially, is a measure of how good your content is. So the rule is, Google will rank your content not the system you used to create it.

Everyone likes beer right? So let me use beer as a metaphor to explain this...

In this metaphor:

  • The beer is your content
  • The bottle is your HTML output (i.e the template)
  • The customer at the bar is Google
  • The funnel that was used to fill the bottle is your CMS

Let's say you have two brands of beer, one is a high end brand with a long standing reputation and the beer tastes great. The other is a run-of-the-mill brand and so-so tasting beer.

First of all, the customer at the bar (Google) prefers the nice beer, she likes the fact that it's in a nice bottle (HTML output), but really she's only after the nice beer (content).

She doesn't like the other beer, and only drinks it when there's no nice beer left.

Ok got all that? 

At what point does the customer at the bar (Google) consider the funnel that was used (CMS) to fill the bottle (HTML) with beer (Content)?

The fact is she doesn't! It's very simple.

So lets remember, your choice of CMS has no baring on your SEO strategy. If it does, you're doing SEO wrong.

Your SEO strategy should be focussed on the content you create and the methods you use to engage with your audience.

Ask the right questions...

So the question "What CMS is best for SEO" is best answered by asking the question in a different way: "What CMS will allow me to create engaging content and what CMS has the tools to make my content stand out?"

These are the question we asked when deciding on what CMS to specialise in. Elm House Creative is an agency with a wealth of experience with Joomla and we use the following tools to make your content stand out:


ZOO is a Content Creation Kit for Joomla that allows users to create content from the very simple to the very complex. It handles all aspects of content creation and display, from image uploading and resizing, video display, content connections, lists, galleries, links, etc. What is most impressive about ZOO, and the ZOO customisations that Elm House regularly create, is it controls your content in a way that most CMS's won't do. It puts novice web creators in the driving seat and automates most of the content creation process, all you need to do is supply the raw content - the text, the images, the videos etc, and ZOO does the rest!


Widgetkit is a web toolbox for creating those special features like maps, slideshows, sliders, galleries, switchers, parallax etc. Widgetkit brings your content to life! And best of all it plugs seamlessly into ZOO.


Warp is a template framework for Joomla that comes bundled with features that will help deliver your content quickly and cleanly. It has Minify which helps reduce the files-size of your pages, GZIP which compresses files into a single file for page delivery, and DATA URI's which turn images into code for fast image rendering. Warp delivers pages quickly and the faster you deliver your content, the more SEO points you score.


sh404SEF is an advanced component that helps clean up Joomla's URLs. It mops up duplicates and keeps 404 records. SEF URL's aren't as important for SEO these days, again content is king, but having a clean site structure can't hurt.

So if you need an SEO'd website, come to Elm House Creative and we'll help your content shine and stand out from your competitors.

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