This news is so important that we lifted it straight off Adland

Posted on: Thursday, 21 February 2008 in Quite Interesting .

This news is so important that we lifted it straight off Adland

All you horn-rimmed glasses, turtle-neck wearing, T-square wielding, mac-loving, spray-mount stinkin' arty folk rejoice. There's a new black in town, which is blacker than black.
Researchers in New York reported this month that they have created a paper-thin material that absorbs 99.955 percent of the light that hits it, making it by far the darkest substance ever made -- about 30 times as dark as the government's current standard for blackest black....The newest black -- which when held next to something conventionally black, such as a tuxedo jacket, is noticeably blacker -- reflects just 0.045 percent of visible light.
Better clear the closet from all the jet black, matt black (btw, there's an Art Director named Matt Black in Oz who promised to name his son Jet), antracit, asphalt, charcoal and black to make room for the new black. Wonder what we shall call it? Tagged with: ad agency belfast | ad agency northern ireland | Art Director

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