We went to the Irish Open - and only got marginally drenched

Posted on: Monday, 02 July 2012 in Thoughts .

We went to the Irish Open - and only got marginally drenched

It was the biggest event of the year - so far - and we were there, soaking up the bracing North Coast air and huddling for shelter beneath our giant golf umbrellas. Admittedly, some of the feebler Elm Housers did grumble a bit about the amount of huddling that had to be done. But this is Ireland, after all, and it IS the summer - what do you expect?

And speaking as someone who spent many winters on the north coast as a student, I can assure you that the rain of the past few days was positively balmy compared to the Icelandic-style stair-rods you can expect around February. Still, it was a great occasion - we had a ball. Hope it comes back soon. Brian and Michael turn their back on the course for a moment Our time, our place - and our flippin' weather!

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