It's a rock'n'roll charity life we lead

Posted on: Thursday, 26 March 2009 in Work .

It's a rock'n'roll charity life we lead

We had another superb night out recently when we rustled up two teams of quiz genius' made up from Elm House employees and a few other stragglers who took part in Never Mind the Business at the Ramada - a music quiz in aid of Action for Children. Well, at least one team was genius, finishing a credible third (three points behind the eventual winners - not that we're bitter or anything).

The other team, well they were just happy to be there it seems! A great night was had by all with Michael proceeding to bid for everything that moved on the night and coming back to the House with - among other things - a rather cool limited edition, numbered vinyl of the Beatles' White album and a rare Clash poster with photography taken at Carlisle Circus.

Music was provided by Tizzy Lizzy - quite appropriate as St Phil's mum Philomena Lynott was a guest - and the band certainly did her son proud! An opportunity for Clash-related captions here: The Magnificent Five? Somebody got Murdered? Rock the Ramada?

Should we stay or should we go? Belfast calling? I could go on... but I won't. Nameless old geezer in cowboy boots - the true spirit of Rock'n'Roll

This is spooky - takes me back to when I saw the real thing in Enniskillen's Lakeland Forum in 19-and-ahem!

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