Joomla - it makes sense.

Posted on: Friday, 04 September 2015 in Work .

Joomla - it makes sense.

As you may have noticed, Joomla is Elm House Creative's CMS of choice.

Why? Well because, as an open source solution to content management, there's nothing better. Joomla straddles that line between developer friendly and user friendly... in other words, it sits between Drupal and Wordpress.

Drupal offers developer friendly features that allows developers to build complex sites, and Wordpress will allow computer novices to post blogs.

Joomla, however, uses developer friendly structures such as MVC as well as seriously user friendly content management. With Joomla we feel confident handing over a site to clients with no computer expertise at all. With our quick and easy Joomla training at our Belfast offices or at your office, anybody can take control of the content of their site without fuss.

Joomla still has all the enterprise level features that most medium/large businesses require: secure code, SSL, email alerts, intranets, user management, accessibility etc.

What's more...? Joomla was the first open source CMS to apply mobile friendly responsive design to their admin area, making updating your website on the go a breeze!

When you get your Joomla website built by Elm House Creative, you can be sure that you've hired one of the worlds leading expert agencies... Our Digital Director, Ray Lawlor has been at the heart of the Joomla Development community since 2008. He has written many plugins for the system and contributed 1000's of lines of code to the Joomla core.

So what are you waiting for? Get your new website at Elm House Creative today and help your business grow with one of the best CMS's in the world.


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