Microsoft's Internet Explorer is dead, for all except Web Developers

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 May 2015 in Work .

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is dead, for all except Web Developers

At first it seemed like the best news any web developer could wish for; Micrsoft had at last signalled the death of Internet Explorer. Apparently they've been busy in their cave coming up with "Microsoft Edge"... my only hope is Edge is some sort of short-cut to:

But here's why IE will continue to be the monkey on our backs.

Because big organisations take years to update their IT, many people will still use old PC's and therefore old browsers. Web Developers will still be asked to develop for IE7 and IE8.

Nothing has been a bigger drag on the development of the web than Internet Explorer. Nothing. Just look at how far the web jumped forward due to the popularity of Firefox and then later Chrome. 

Once talented web developers knew that their audience was using a competent, stable web browser, they were able to create some of the most amazing websites and web applications, most of which would never work on IE6, IE7 or IE8.

As a digital agency, our biggest gripe with developing websites was showing a client what could be achieved using Chrome/Firefox/Safari then showing them how it all looks in IE8.

Luckily Microsoft have made a move, and our only hope is they make it easy for larger organisations to update their IT. That way we can continue to offer state-of-the art websites to larger clients. It's counter-intuitive but sometimes smaller companies are able to invest in and offer cutting edge websites, while larger companies are stuck on old systems.

Maybe Edge will help fix this issue.

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