New Northern Ireland craft beer advertising

Posted on: Thursday, 24 November 2016 in Work .

New Northern Ireland craft beer advertising

I think every creative team has a hit-list of the types of account they would like to work on. Personally, I’ve always wanted to write some ads that needed a long research trip to several Hawaiian beaches. Unfortunately, gigs like that don’t come up every day. 

But next on the hit-list are ads that involve beer. After all, could a copywriter have more fun than researching all those different levels of ‘hoppiness’ in competing brews?  

There is now actually a plethora of craft beers being produced in micro-breweries all over the world. And in Northern Ireland, we’re no different. If you travel from Belfast in any direction, you’ll pass a host of these micro-breweries before you can say “Fancy a cool one?” 

So we were delighted to get an opportunity to do some copywriting and design for one of the finest beers to be found in Northern Ireland – Inishmacsaint, the Fermanagh-based brewer. (This, incidentally, comes after our famous rebranding of the Hilden Brewery range of beers - so we’re kinda the beer people of design). 

The area in which Inishmacsaint is produced – on the shores of Lough Erne – has a long-standing association with brewing, with ancient monks having brewed their own craft beers there, long before the term ‘craft beer’ was ever imagined. 

Brewery owner Gordon Fallis is a man well known for his laid back wit and humour and he was keen to have that come to the fore in the planned advertising and design. We produced a series of ads, beer mats, wrote content for his website and arranged a PR launch. We also wrote and produced a web video based on the Fermanagh beer theme which had a staggering 10,000 views in the first week, even generating considerable interest from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

As the man said: I think that calls for a beer!

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