Our Jonny launches new career in album design

Posted on: Thursday, 24 January 2013 in Work .

Our Jonny launches new career in album design

Well, we knew all along he was a multi-talented, many-faceted and uber-creative chap. But now our Jonny is making a name for himself as an album designer - and getting praise for it too. Take a look at Southern Tenant Folk Union's new album and you'll see what we mean. While the album is getting terrific reviews, so too is the cover:
The sci-fi imaginings are also present on the cover art design by Belfast based Jonny McClean, the design sits well alongside the J.G. Ballard inspired 'Crash' with it's rhythmic banjo backdrop that was muted to mimic electronic arpeggios of early analogue sequencers conjuring the relentless vehicles that crash and continue on...metaphorical bankers that head on into oblivion blind to consequences taking us all with them.

'Hello Cold Goodbye Sun' is the fifth album from the Edinburgh-based band who offer a modern and slightly twisted take on a rootsy, bluegrass Americana vibe. As Scotland on Sunday puts it, the band is:
Going to inordinate lengths to emulate Krautrock gods such as Can, the five-string banjo of Pat McGarvey is harnessed to a tea towel to recreate the arpeggios of the analogue sequencers pioneered by Tangerine Dream, and it sounds fantastically dreamy.

And from Scotland on Sunday:
Southern Tenant Folk Union find themselves attracted to the horror realm on this atmospheric album – to horror film soundtracks and to the horrors of modern society...which makes a bright, Beatlesy response to shadowy authority figures, or to both in the case of Crash, which recreates the creepy synth arpeggios used in 1970s horror scores on a five-string banjo.Give it a listen.

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