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Danske Bank

Formerly known for generations as Northern Bank, we were responsible for locally rebranding this long established institution as Danske Bank.
Working alongside our banking and marketing colleagues in both Belfast and Copenhagen, we have played a major role in now making this international brand seem part of the local landscape. Our work here covers every element of the marketing mix: TV, Radio, Outdoor, Press, Digital and more. 

Financial marketing is one of the biggest challenges that any agency can face. To begin with, there are many diverse audiences across both the consumer and business sectors – and then numerous further challenges within these groups, eg complex demographics, social differences, and limited differentiation from the offerings of other banks.

So how do you create cut-through? A lot of our success across Danske Bank marketing is down to the tone of voice we employ. Danske is less formal than many other banks, and we set out to convey this through the way we speak to our audiences.

We have also been particularly successful in developing a discussion within the business community in Northern Ireland through our use of online video for the Bank.

However, we can also be very direct when needed, as is the case with our Danske Bank Mortgage Campaign which sees mortgage uptake within the bank rise by up to 96% when the campaign is active.

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