Strangford & Lecale Partnership
    Strangford, Co. Down, N. Ireland
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    June 2015
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We were delighted to win a series of tenders for a range of projects for the SLLP. The projects were a vehicle to educate and enthuse local inhabitants (of all ages) about the landscape and its rich heritage.

Not only did we have to come up with a creative solution to engage and inform local people about the issues that affect the area, but we felt that we had to showcase this area of natural beauty in a visually arresting way.

As a result, we developed the concept of the people and the landscape being inextricably linked, ie the landscape forms the people and vice versa.

We commissioned original photographic portraits of nine local people and then digitally collaged elements of the landscape onto each portrait to reflect the individual’s associations with the landscape.

These portraits were printed as large format exhibition stands, supported by smaller stands and triangular time line segments that told the story of the area’s heritage and history. The time line segments could be stacked and built up into various shapes, encouraging children to play and interact with the exhibition.

We have developed a number of exhibitions and roadshows for SLLP and continue to find new ways of portraying the area’s heritage through earthy and imaginative design work.

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