We offer the complete media mix. Plus unrivalled Copywriting & Video Services

Few other Northern Ireland agencies have the combined advertising experience that Elm House Offers

Over the years, our creatives have produced multi award-winning work for TV, Radio, Press and Billboard advertising. We also have all the expert online advertising resources that rounds out our advertising facility… giving you the complete media mix. When you work with us on an advertising campaign, we begin by helping you develop a sound advertising strategy to suit your target audience – and your budget. We then create work that delivers your marketing goals – tactically and impactfully.

Online Advertising

Elm House Creative collectively offers more than 20 years’ experience in digital marketing - from online ads, virals, video production and brand awareness. We can make sure you're using the right online advertising platforms to the maximum benefit of your business.

We also bring years of experience in selling online advertising, so if you run a high traffic site, come to us and we’ll make sure you get the most from your valuable advertising space.

Provided Services

Here's a rundown of all the advertising services we provide:
  • Press, Billboards, TV, Radio & Online
  • Scripting / Producing / Directing Web Video
  • Writing & Editing Web Content
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Direct Mail & Marketing Letters
  • Content for Blogs & Social Media
  • Brand & Company Name generation


At the core of our advertising provision, is our copywriting resource. We write smart, effective words for every marketing sector under the sun; not to mention copywriting for blogs, web content and social media.

TV Advertising

Within the confines of the Northern Ireland marketplace,TV has always been the main medium of choice for advertisers who want to get their message to a wide audience. Over the years, our creative team has worked on many of the landmark local TV commercials - across drink driving, road safety, telecoms and more. Whether it is live action or animation, we produce TV commercials that are supremely well budgeted, directed and, of course, delivered with impact. 

Video Production

With the rise and rise of video as a highly effective online marketing tool, we produce a rich array of video content for our clients. In recent times, we have filmed in sectors such as health care, engineering, agriculture, banking and retail – all of which were scripted, produced and directed in-house.

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